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My back is agony today, could this be a sign of labour? Im due on saturday

fiona xx


  • yes!!!! or you could just be overdoing it.

    Gemm x
  • is it lower back pain?! usually labour is lower.

    ive been getting really bad pain too. but mine is all higher

    k x 38+4
  • it is lower. Ive done the odd bit of housework but thats it, the same I do everyday.
    I also feel really sick?

  • Could be labour, i threw up quite a few times in labour. Have an early night just in case, you need to save your strength.

    Gemm x
  • oh I couldnt sleep now Im too excited. Think I had a contraction just now but then again I had a few monday night and yesterday but they stopped.
    With my daughter I was getting contractions on and off for 2/3 days before the real thing kicked in
  • with my first I had really bad backache at the start of labour and felt really sickly too so it could be the start of something x
  • it could be slow labour too?!
    last night i was up and down with nausea, heartburn and needing to pee. not the easiest night lol. take it easy! get hubby to do housework (haha, i know, the thought makes me laugh too!). definately put your feet up though and get lots of rest, just in case

    k x 38+4
  • MummyK - fat chance! ha

    becci boo - how long from getting that backache did you start real labour?

  • Well the backache and sicky feeling started on xmas eve, eased off christmas day but my waters started leaking on christmas day and I started getting my 1st contractions around 11pm on christmas day but rhys wasn't born till early hours on 27th lol.
    So I'd say proper labour started about 2 days later up to then the pains were just like bad period type pains across my back and stomach x
  • Ooooo - so exciting. Keep us posted. Hope it's soon! x
  • hey girls, I havent been able to get on here all day to update sorry!
    Anyway went to bed last night at half 9 and I had 3 contractions about 10mins apart and they stopped arrggghhh. I was awake until midnight really achey and getting horrible backache, baby was hurting me so I had a bath then went to sleep.
    Had some painful backache today but thats its.
    disappointed now!

    Fiona xXx
  • Oh love, I hope this is it for you. I am just the same though,I am due on thursday like you really really bad back pain lower down. I had pains (have no idea what a contraction feels like as this is my first) at 5:05 then at 5:25 and then at 5:50 but they seem to be slower down and coming every 40 mins or so. Also had bad belly this morning.

    It''s pants all this waiting eh, we just want to meet them image

    I have everything crossed for you love

    K xx
    39 weeks
  • thanks hun,
    Im just constantly on egde, analysing every twinge!
    Have you had any other symptoms?
    I get a headache everyday and feeling sick
    Spoke to Vicki on fb earlier and she said she had what im describing the week leading upto to the birth. She would have a couple of contractions at night then wake up with nothing in the morning like me!!
    Yours do sound like it though
    have everything crossed for you too

    Fiona xXx
  • No nothing else really, to be honest it's hard to know as I have this sily SPD so it's like I have no idea if it is the pain from that or actualy pain from something else. My back hurts most of the time now, actually just running a nice hot bath as I type this to ease it.

    My bump is rock hard as well but she just does not stop moving!! I am hoping my sweep on tuesday will help and she will tell me my cervix is thin and it wont be long but I have a bad feeling I am going to go over and be induce!

    K xx
    39 weeks
  • I am having my sweep on Tuesday too!!!!!
    We can update each other after hehe
    I think Ill go over too unless I have her tomoro which I doubt!
    Ella wont stop moving either and I think she has changed position as her movements really hurt and feel different. My tummy feels soft sometimes which scares me but when I get a contractions it goes rock hard.

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