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Hi guys

I need some advice. Last week I noticed that my littlins HR was only between 80-100bpm. I mentionted this to my midwife and she checked it and said it was ok (this was after some serious manhandling of the bump first to try determine position). Ive taken it a couple of times since at different times and again today and its still no higher than 100bpm. Im beginning to get a bit worried as the last few days Ive been knackered and today I feel light headed and a bit sickish. Am I just worrying too much or should I ring my docs?


  • If ur really worried then i wud seek some advise, but my mw advise not to check baby heart rate ourselfs as it just leaves u panicking if u think something is wrong. If mw found a healthy heartbeat i shudnt worry to much, and wen uv had ur mind put a rest by a professional i wud stop checking it urself to avoid anymore worries. Hope all is okay, im sure it will be just relax. Kerry xxx

  • Hello.

    I recently had to be monitored in hospital because I hadn't felt him move for a day. They did it for an hour and the heart rate varied from 93 to 105. The midwife said it was low and the doctor did an ultrasound scan. He said it looked faster on the screen, about 120 after they'd taken off the monitoring equipt. they sent me home as they couldn't see any problems. Obviously I was still quite worried and went to midwife following day. all was fine. It ranged from 140 - 152.

    I think that although the home equipt is nice to have it can make you worry unnecessarily. Sometimes you can pick up your own heart rate by mistake according to the midwife or pick up the blood flow rather than the proper heart rate.

    I'm sure everything is fine but give your midwife a call and she can easily reassure you.

    Jules x x
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