hey grils im 29+6 and have started to leak and its more me worrying i suppose but as i work with a group of boys im worryed that i wont notice if it happens at work. mum said to buy the breast pads but i feel its so early to be wearing them i thought this was only after birth !
any ideas or brands wich are best as dont just want cheep naf ones not a snob just want comfy ones and do they vary in size accorrding to cup size or are they universal

help please xxx:\?


  • Hi Jema,
    I had avent breast pads that came with the breast pump kit and wen I had used them I bought mothercare own and they were just as gud. Try buying a small pack to start with and then u can find out wat u do and dnt like. Kerry xxx
  • They don't vary in size - they are about the size of a bottom of a mug.
    I've used Mothercare own as well and these were fine - some of the cheaper ones sounded and felt a bit crinkly -probably not good as you're working with boys!

    Apaprently lots of women leak colostrum anywhere from 22 weeks or so, so it could be worse I guess!

    Good luck!
  • i've not started leaking at all yet :-/ is this good or bad?

  • its only been a few times in the past few weeks,, not all the time although the more it happens the more of it !!! lol i have just ordered the johnsons ones from ??2.35 or something more expensive than the own brands but thought id try them if i get on ok then ill get a box of the own brands for when i need them more frequently they are suppossed to have the nipple bit shaped for a better fit so ill see how they go !!
  • Hi! I used Babies R Us own brand when breastfeeding my first baby. I found them really soft and you couldn't see them through my tops. They're ??1.79 a box. i found some of the more expensive ones more visible. Hope this helps. XXX
  • oh i hadnt thought about that !!!
    been to worryed that i wouldnt notice if i leaked i hadnt thought about seeing them !!! are they quite thick then?? i mean more than a sant pad??
  • Probably about the same thickness. It all depends on what kind of top you wear. If you wear a tighter top you'll def need to find one that you can't notice, otherwise it just looks like two headlights. re-usable ones are great for home, and save lots of money, but are very noticeable.
  • Hi Jemaxox

    I've been leaking since 19 weeks - I was really horrified when it first started but I've got used to it now - I use boots own breast pads which are a bit bulky but fairly cheap! xxx
  • Boots own brand ultra thin pads are the best I tried, I think if them as being the Always Ultra of the breast pad world, LOL. Robinson Health (Lloyds Pharmacy sell them) are awful, I had to walk around town with wet patches on my top when I wore them, it was so embarassing!

    I didn't leak all the way through my preg, its nothing to worry about.
  • Hi Hun,
    I have stocked up on tommee tippee and avent as friends have told me these are really good. They are half price in Sainsburys at the mo so may be a good time to try a few brands without wasting too much money! xxxx
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