Growth Scan?

Hey everybodyimage

Midwife measured my bump at 30 weeks and found it was a little bit small but a few days before i'd been measured while having GTT and it was fine so she decided to wait to 32 weeks in case it was just babys position, everything was fine at 32 cm.

yesterday at my 34 week appointment she measured again and it came back at 31 cms, which is smaller then when she measured last time. Again she said it s most likely his position but is sending me for a growth scan on monday morning to check things out.

Does anyone know how long a growth scan can take and what they look for?

I didn't think to ask yesterday because they also found protein in my urine and had to take 34 wk bloods from both my arms as something went wrong with the little bottle when trainee midwife tried to take blood first time, haha and they have builders working at surgery at the moment so the lights kept tripping on and off.

Lol so everything happened at once!!!!


  • Hi
    I have been having one every 4 weeks, mine usually take about 10 mins.
    Good luck
    I'm sure everything will be fine.
    Em x
  • i have to have one even though my millie is measuring right. i have to have one at 30 weeks and one at 34 weeks just becos i am small! my bmi was under by a tiny bit b4 i was pg so thats what my hosp does also if ur bmi is over u also have to have them. but i am naturally small and eat a lot!!!! so i doubt i'll have a problem but it will be nice to see mills again! xxx
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