self employed what are we entitled too?

hi i am self employed and have looked up that i get a maternity allowance for 39 weeks. which is 108.85 or someone said is 112 not sure which but is around that. does anyone know if we r entitled to anything else? me and my husband r both self employed. thanks xxx


  • hi im not really sure what you will get but if you go on the directgov website all the details are on there and it will tell you waht you are entitled to.
  • Hi Princess Jane

    I am not sure whether my accountant said I would be getting pay untill 39 weeks.. I need to get this confirmed from somewhere. Though he has asked me to pay myself around ??115/ week.

    Inland Revenue website gives in a lot of information.. but it was too big for me to read at the moment.. will try on later.. let me know of n e updates..


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