which one do you own?

Hello ladies/men,

I know several mothers on here have mentioned that they already have one baby and was wondering if you could give me some advice,

we are starting to by some baby products and are currently looking at baby bath thermometers. We like the digital ones and as my hubby is a gadget man he liked the look of the turtle (by summer infant) however we have read negative remarks online....the battery dies quickly. The flower one (by avent) people have recommended as good but it flips over easily in the bath.

Although some of the bath thermometers look attractive, Im not sure if they are worth there money. Should we really be going for a more boring design one with a longer life? We cant seem to find many where you can replace the batteries either

What bath thermometers do you have, what are the pros and cons and would you recommend it?

Am interested to hear your replies...

thanks for reading, xxx

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  • i had a rubber duckie with just a normal therm. on it it still works 2 years later!!
  • which make / where was it from if you dont mind me asking. I've see a couple of rubber ducky's online this evening!

    Thanks for replying xxx
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  • i got it from mothercare it was only a couple of pounds.. there pretty cute n my boy loved it being in the bath with him he still does n he's 2!
  • I have never used a bath thermometer either I always just used the inside of my wrist to check the temp and my own instincts.
    I would suggest going for a cheap one or you could use a digital thermometer that is multi purpose i.e ear temperature, room temperature and water temperature sensitive, there is one that looks like a penguin but I can't remember who makes it, I also think Braun do one..
  • i bought a thermometer but i have never used it, i just test it using my arm, i think i can tell better wether its too hot or cold. x
  • I've just used a plastic one from Babies r us. It cost about ??4 and simply says 'too hot', 'too cold' or 'just right'. It's very simple and didn't cost a lot! XXX
  • We had a cheap plastic duck, I think it came from Morrisons. We only used it untill we had got an idea how hot the water should be and then we just tested it with and elbow
  • Hi, i have one which came with the plastic bath that i bought from mothercare winnie the pooh set with towel therm etc. i did use it for the first few weeks until i got my bearings and started to trust myself then i just used the end of my elbow to test it i wouldnt bother spending alot as once u become more confident with yourself i dont think u will use it very much (plus u can put the money towards a pram or buggy a little more expensive lol) im pram mad haha good luck Sophie 31+1 xx

  • Hi Bumpety Bump, I never used a bath thermometer with my son its just something i never thought about. I do the "elbow test", dnt think its a vital piece of baby equipment, but i good idea i suppose. Kerry xxx
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