Back to work tomorrow :(

Who else is not looking forward to going back to work!!!
And to top if off my bosses have decided because im now third trimester, i have to be moved out the room i am in charge of to go work somewhere else-can they do this?
Im a under 2's senior nursery nurse, i work in the baby room with babies 6 months-15 months as well as being in charge of the under 2's staff, children and rooms.
They are saying i'm not allowed to lift any of them or basically do anything, so they have moved me into the 2-3 years old room- not happy

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  • Its prob been done with best intentions, have a quiet word. I'm dreading tomorrow. My work are really crap, refuse to talk about anything pg related. Still not had risk assessment or discussed m leave and im 30 weeks. The dep manager is having trouble conceiving so Im public enemy no1, not supposed to even talk about being pg in case I hurt her feelings!
    At least its not for much longer! xx
  • Me too :\(

    I officially went back on Friday last week but the building's heating wasn't working and they said it was under the legal requirement of temps so we were all allowed home. I did a bit of work at home tho!

    I have been sleeping in 'til 8-9am most mornings over Christmas. Gonna kill me getting up at 6am!!!

  • i know how you feel.
    This is the sunday [email protected] its worst!

    Im now 34+4 and am starting my mat leave on the 16th jan so only actually got 10working days left.
    However im dreading going back because im struggling with fatigue at the moment image & have been enjoying my 2pm naps!
    X x
  • i'm back at work tomorrow too and i don't know how i will get up - it's been a struggle getting up at 10am, so setting my alarm clock for 6am is going to painful!!

    hope everyone's first day back goes ok xxx
  • Heh, yeah, I'm not really looking forward to starting the commuting again. Still I have a day off on Tues to go and see the midwife image. The antenatal appts are always right in the middle of the day, and my journey to and from work takes so long, there's no point going in at all!

  • girls Im soooo with you. I woke up this morning with the sunday blues BIG time! have not been at work since the 19th Dec and been sleeping in till 10am (or later) since then - I dont think I can cope!

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