Can anyone explain this pls?

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and over the past couple of days my heels have really been hurting me, it feels as though a tendon is about to snap underneath them???? Part of me thinks that this may be down to the extra weight that I am carrying but the rest of my feet don't ache and I have no swelling, when I wake of a morning I actually cannot walk for the first few minutes until my heels loosen up but through the day I can't strech or bend my feet without getting the sensation that my heels will snap??

sorry for the silly question but it's really bugging me xxxx


  • Hi! G/C from ttc, i had what sounds like exactly the same thing a few years ago. It might be plantar fasciitis (google it!). Have you been wearing flat shoes more often than normal? Cause thats what caused mine. I was advised to do foot exercises before i got up in the morning, lying on your back extend your foot so your toes are pointing toward the bottom of the bed and then relax your feet then do the opposite by trying to stretch your foot toward your body all the while keeping your legs straight. Hope that makes sense! I also got foot supports from boots which really helped. Its really painful, i ended up in a and e when it first started cause was sure there was something badly wrong! Hope this helps xxx
  • Hi Laura,
    thanks for the advice, how interesting, I will google it and see what it says and yes it's bloody painful and i'm walking like an 80 year old at the moment lol.
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