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Unsure if I'm pregnant need advice

okay so basically I took two tests this weekend as I have felt my body changing and I know something isn't right 

I know my body and I know something has been off for a little while now 

so me and my boyfriend took two tests one came up negative I took that one after I got home from work around 7/8 and then I took the next one first thing the next morning 

the first one was a straight up negative but the second one had one full pink line and then a very faint one, it isn't fully visible but you can see it right there 

I would like some advise as to whether or not I am pregnant I am taking another test in a few days but I am so worried and freaking out as I am only 19 and I am so unsure  what's going on and how to handle this all. Thank you ladies 


  • Hi. I'd say possibly? Maybe test again in a couple of days that gives any hormone levels

    chance to rise. And your get a stronger second line... frustrating I know as in a sim situation. X

  • So there is a possibility I am pregnant? 

    Do you think it will be best to wait till Friday/ Saturday morning then to take another one? 

    I know its so frustrating it's on my mind every single second of the day and the only other person then my boyfriend I tell everything to is t mum but I don't want to say Anything to her until I'm sure thanks for the advice x

  • If you have been having unprotected sex, then yes there is a possibility that you're pregnant. To get an accurate result you should wait until your period is late.

    Always use first morning urine too to ensure that the hormone will be highly concentrated.

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