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1 positive 1 negative in the same day?...HELP


So today I had the randomest urge to buy a home test (top clear&simple digital) which came back as pregnant. Over the moon as i was i brought another to double check in amazement second one came back 'not pregnant' what do i do😶


  • This could just be due to the time of day or the concentration of urine. Retest in a couple of days first thin on a morning! You're more likely to get a clear answer! If you are very early the hcg level may not get picked up on a test - but first thing on a morning your urine will be most concentrated! Youre more likely to get a false negative then a false positive! 

    I got my BFP today after two very faint lines on two Tesco bought tests - five tests later and I have my answer! So I have my fingers crossed for you 😂image

  • Congratulations! I also used tesco and got one BFN but then got a faint positive so who knows, best of luck to you. Thankyou!

  • I was told tesco tests aren't the greatest if your early pregnancy - try a first response (the fourth I tried with the pink lid) 

    i hope you get your BFP!

  • Will do thanks, best of luck!image

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