what would say is over weight

well befor i got preg 11 stone and 4ft 11 now im nearly 12 stone


  • wen i fell pregnant with my 1st child i was 11st and a size 12 i went up 2 a size 16 and 12 and half stone. i have been finding it really hard 2 loose it but wudn't say that its over weight every 1 puts weight on in pregnacy. xx im now on my 2nd pregnacy and havn't really put any weight on with this 1 x


  • we all put weight on in pregnancie maybe its varying degrees with diffrent women, i for instance am 5ft 6 i was 11 stone pre pregnancie and i didnt look overweight but was classed as overweight my ideal weight was approx 9 and half stone, i went down to 10 stne and i looked ill, i am now 26 weeks and i have gone from 11 stone upto 13 and half i aint bothered dont panic about it you can loose it when lo is born, theres no better time to actually put weight on really, xx


  • i asking as wroding if over that find hard feel baby move
  • this is my 4th pregnancie and i was well into my 20th week before ifelt anything and your suppose to be able to feel it sooner the more you have! you will feel it x
  • i know this my 5th
  • I was quite offended when the midwife used her BMI think and said I was just on the overweight mark - talk about giving a pregnant woman a complex. LOL I did say to her the weight I gave her was the one the doctor did when I had my preg confirmed and I had already begun to develop baby body - hips, tummy and boobs and knew I was heavier than I should be and I was overweight.

    I am having the same worry as you as I haven't felt bubba move yet and its my first baby. x x
  • i have gone from 8.4lb to 10.7lb and i am only 25weeks!!
  • hi derbymummy, i'm almost exactly the same size as u. i was 79.9kg (around 11stone) and 4ft11 pre pregnancy and am now 88.4kg. i've not found that it's hindered me in anyway during this pregnancy, i've not had problems feeling baby move or issues at scans etc, and my blood pressure is always 120/80 which ideal. i also have an anterior placenta which u wld think wld cause issues for feeling baby move but only problems i've had with that so far is mw can't really check is position accurately atm as she can't feel nobbly bits etc cos placenta is in the way. everyone is different when it comes to pregnancy. and aslonng as ur weight isn't putting extra health risks on u, ie high blood pressure or diabetes then i really wldn't worry too much about it atm.

    xx 29+5
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