Runny, stuffed up nose?!

Hey all,
I'm new to all this so hoping for some friendly advice and hopefully getting to know you all!
I'm recently found out i'm 6 weeks pregnant and for the last 2 days have had a really stuffed up nose that also runs like a tap, very annoying!!
I've also got aching joints so thought i was coming down with the flu, hence ringing into work for a few days off.
But i've just looked on google and apparently it can be a symptom of early pregnancy. Has anyone else suffered with this annoying symptom if yes how long did it last??
Cath xxx


  • I have suffered with a runny and bunged up nose since day 1!! i'm 19weeks today!! oh and i constanly sneeze!! some days i feel like i have a full blown cold then later on i'm fine!! mw said its because of a heightened sence of smell?? i hope yours doesn't last as long as mine ! think i'm destined to have it for the duration !xx
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