Mum's labour affect on yours?

He everyone, hope you & bumps are all well. Has anyone heard of how your mums labour with you may have any affect on your own labour? The reason I ask is my mum had a very fast labour with me, an hour & half from start to finish. I spoke to my midwife about this and she thinks it may have an affect on mine therefore as soon as I get any niggles I have to go in to be examined and they will advise from there. With my sister my mums labour lasted over 12 hours and so did my sisters labour when she had her little boy. By the way I am the oldest. Any opinions welcome, heres hoping to the quick labour though!!!
Tammi xxx
30.5 weeks

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  • Hi tammi I've no advice but just wanted to say I was wondering this very same thing! My mum had me within 2 hours from start to finish with no pain relief and talks about it like it was a walk in the park! haha..anyway, was hoping for similar so lets hope it runs in the family!xx
  • My mum had 2 elective c-sections so sometimes it makes me worry and doubt my own ability to give birth...She never even felt 1 contraction. She had a back problem & also a small pelvis and we were big (ish) babies, 8lb 5oz and 7lb 12oz, for her anyway, as she is small.

    Neither me or sister engaged at all, due to her back problem, and that did worry me. However, at my 36 week check my baby was 3/5. My midwife said my pelvis is a good size, so there's no reason why I shouldn't be OK...but I still worry! xxxx

  • Would be fab if it does run in families. Just thought it was weird that my sister had a similar lengh of labour to what my mum had with her. Hopefully will get some more replies soon!
  • so far mine have been completley different from my mum's, although can't compare her first labour really as I am a twin, although she had it easy considering, natural labour with 4mins between me and my sister.
  • I was wondering the same thing! with both me and my brother (i am the youngest) my mum went into false labour 2 weeks early and then we were both born a week early and both labours were very quick. My husband and his brother were also a week early!

    with my brother my mum was bigger than I am now (he was her first) and with me she has a smaller bump like mine - so bets are on that i'm having a girl...........just have to wait and see! just over 11 weeks to go! unless it's early ofcourse.....
  • Hi all, well my mum had both me and my brother within a few hours. I am shaped like my mum so thought I would be just the same. But no, I had 4 days of very painful labour only to get to 4cm and had to have an emergency section. Therefore I am booked in for an elective section in a couple of weeks. I know this baby could come in a few hours but I'm not taking any chances.
    Good luck with your quick labour. xxxx
  • I hope mine is nothing like my mums, she was in labour for 36 hours with me then had an episiotomy and forceps, the epidural didn't work with her and gas and air made her sick. So definitely hoping I have a nice quick labour where my lo just slides out without me breaking into a sweat lol Yeah Right!
  • My mum was in labour with me for about 36 hours too and had to have a ventouse (sp) with my sister it was quicker and my brother was prem. However when i approached with the 'inheriting labour' thing she reckons its a load of rubbish as my nan and my 3 aunties all had really easy labours. I think everyone is different and some many things can affect labour that i think its difficult to think that it will be always like your mothers
  • lol caz I want that labour too!!! xxx
  • We can all dream image I'm not scared of labour at all really, I know that I have no choice so it seems silly to me to be scared of it. However, I think I am probably under estimating the pain lol and what with my dh saying really helpful things like "pain is all in the mind" I may be forced to jam pencils into his eyes during each contraction to see if that pain is in his mind lol.
  • Caz we went for our hospital visit on Sunday and the mw said "now partners/husbands make sure that she packs something for you to eat & drink as it will be hard work for you too!!!!" I told Pete if he dares asks where his sandwhiches are when I am in labour I will f**king drown him in the birthing pool!!!!!
  • Ha ha brilliant the only part I can see being hard work for dh is possibility of not getting his usual 9 hours sleep a night and maybe seeing me in pain (he has mentioned that is concerned about the faces I'm going to pull lol) I have said that if he isn't there for me 100% without any piss taking then he can bugger off and I'll do it on my own, he can come in afterwards image

  • Hi just had to post on this one, My mum delivered me 2wks early and made the entrance of the hospital at which point she told the nurse that if she stands be prepared to catch me. 29 years later i was induced 9 dates late but gave birth in 1hr and 59mins start to finish, no pain relief, i have now been told that although i have elected to go back to the same hospital to give birth again that my house needs to be preped for a home birth, dont relish all that blood in my house one bit, but could be funny. As for no pain relief it does hurt but your body just seems to take over almost like an outer body experience. Trust your instincts if your labour is long and you can no longer take the pain have the pain relief offered dont put yourself through it remember the stress on the baby, i didnt have the choice of pain relief but if it had lasted longer i wouldnot have felt guilty about taking it after all your there to get your baby not endure horrific pain in the process that upsets you for ages after (have a friend who was put off having more all due to the pain she now agrees she should of had an epidural sooner).
    Good Luck to all, i have also heard about the mother daughter similaraties
  • my mum had 19 hr labour with me and 11 hour labour with my wee brother. i had an 11 hour labour woth my first and hoping for a shorter one with this one x
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