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hormonal wreck.

Ok so i'm only just about to turn 6 weeks but i've hit the hormonal train and i'm up and down and all over the place. i've been fine at work all day and then for no reason i don't want to be here and i'm trying hard not to cry and the worst bit is i want my mom! i'm stuck at work as i work in the middle of nowhere and don't drive and i'm getting more workedup as i'm feeling trapped and more upset i know its just teh hormones but sme1 please tell me later in teh pregnancy you get less hormonal please



  • Hi, i had a few days like that a few weeks ago (my post was called Feeling Blue) and felt so sad and miserable even though i was so so happy to be pregnant. I cried at home, i cried at work, i cried in the car, in front of my parents - i was a miserable cow!

    Then suddenly a few days later i woke up and i felt like my usual self and was smiling and felt happy again. I know now it was just my hormones but at the time i felt utterly miserable. So dont worry, its just normal and you may find tomorrow you will wake up and feel fine again.

    Hope you are feeling brighter soon!! :\)


  • Hi Crochet mum, I suffered as well so dont worry you are not alone, but be aware they can come back as I had an attack of it a week or 2 ago!!!

    HI anged.. I am glad you are feeling better now (I was the one who replied to your post and mentioned about shopping trolley rage) pmsl

    Lisa 19+2
  • Hi Lisa, i recognised your user name! Yup feeling much better now thanks but i always have something to worry about (such a worrier it drives me crazy). In a few hours i will find out the results of the downs syndome screening tests so getting a bit anxious about that now!! Otherwise things seem to be going well - heard babas heart beat last week for the first time which was just lovely.

    Hows things with you chuck??

    Ange (17 wks)

  • Just spoke to my oh who's an ex a&e nurse he reckons i may be slightly further than i am and that my last period may have been a miscarried twin image won't know till i have my scan unless my doc can book me in earlier. I gotta love my OH guy he's so understanding for a bloke!
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