will no sleep effect unborn?

Will not sleeping harm my baby?. i have been waing up at 6am like clockwork and not being able to drift off till at least 2am at night.Ive always slept like a log, but even if i run to the loo and come back, or try to close my eyes again i cant. I dont understand. I wake up twice during the max 6 hours i manage to get sleep, my partner (slowly coming round to baby idea, as wasnt planned- poor guy in excited on sec and stressed next) he even tryed rubbing my back and the my (non-bumped, flabby) belly for a good hour until i told him to get some sleep as he gets up for work at 5.30am bless him.

is it all the stress from worrying about telling the mother of his 3 year old we are expecing? or am i just slowly turning into a mummy robot!!!???


  • If it does then Im buggered lol I rarely sleep at all think it what you call one of the joys of being pregnant x x x
  • some one once said to me it is just the start of it, almost getting you ready for once the baby is born and will wake up wanting feeds in the middle of the night.
    Dont worry about the baby, my doctor once told me that the baby is like a parasite, nice I know, but it wil take everything it needs from you, it wont go without!
    Hazel 20+3
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