have dating scan tomoro. but im really worried about it hope every thing is fine. im also worried that there wont be any thing there when they look. ami on my own with this or is it normal to be worrying so much. just want tomorrow to hurry up and come!! x:roll:


  • hi jodders think that it is perfectally normal to feel this way. I did just before my 12 scan! Good luck for tomorrow! Tammi x

  • i have to say i was the same with my dating scan.... cause obviously i couldnt feel anything etc etc i was quite convinced that there wouldnt be anything on the scan picture!!!!! but all was well with mine as im sure will be with yours..not long now xxx
  • Hi Jodders,

    Its completley normal! I had my 12 week scan last week and i was so so worried that id got it into my head that something was def wrong. But i couldnt have been happier when there was a baby on the screen and bouncing around wth a heart beat! i thnk id worked my self up so much i just couldnt believe my eyes, i was convinced they were going to say somethng was wrong!
    Anyway i much happier now! Its normal to worry especially when you dont really feel pregnant, its hard to believe theres a little growng life inside you!
    Good luck and let us know how it goes x
  • Hi Jodders,
    know exactly how you feel. Everyone assumes that lots of morning sickness makes for good pregnancy. This worried me in both my pregnancies because I had no symptoms and the only reason I knew I was pregnant was because of postitive test. For that reason I couldn't wait until the scan to see the picture of alien for the first time. You're not alone in the worrying dep't.

    You'll feel a lot better 2moro when you see LO for the first time. Good luck and enjoy
  • Hi there,
    I've got a dating scan in a couple of days- I'll only be 8 weeks gone then but I wanted to check everything's OK as I started to get worried, even though this is my second baby. Try not to worry, everything's more than likely to be absolutely fine. I'm actually looking forward to my scan now- I booked it in a panic, but I'm feeling a lot better now- must be the hormones! Still feeling icky, which has to be a good sign! Just enjoy seeing your bubs!
  • hope everything is ok. keep us posted.
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