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bad pains. is it normal?


im 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and im getting the most horrid pains in my belly. today was particually bad and the pain felt like it was also going up my bum (sorry!) its like very very bad period pain.

is this normal? it really hurts. :\(



  • hi i had period pain for a couple months when newly preg its normal i think but if you worried speak to your gp etc. i was convinced my period was going to come!!! xxx
  • I had pains like that at that stage... i didnt know i was pregnant and thought it was my irritable bowl syndrome flaring up... the doc put me on a load of pills for it (silly man didnt even consider the chance of pregnancy!). Anyway.. you should prob ask the doc or mw to be on the safe side but it sounds fairly normal.
    Jen 40+4 x x x
  • I had really bad 'period' pain for hours one morning, I had just found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. It was a weird feeling as I've always had brilliant periods with no pain except maybe once when I was 15, lol.

    I get the odd cramp now and again too, it is just the uterus stretching. If you're not bleeding it's prob nothing to worry about...but call the doctor's anyway?

  • hi i had period type pains up until about 7 weeks, i think this is normal as your uterus is stretching, but if its any worse than what you would consider to be period type pains i would get it checked out, even just for your peace of mind. this happened to me with my first also and have heard loads of others say the same...another thing to consider is since i been preg i feel i get a sore stomach if i need the toilet (a no.2...sorry bit too much information!!), and this happened to me with my first too, could be a wind type thing...just another thing to consider!
  • hi hun i found out i was pregnant at about 6 weeks. i new something was up as i usually have pain for a day or 2 then my period would come but i was ahving pains for two weeks but still no sign of a period, i think its your body getting used to be pregnant as this doesnt hppen over night it can take weeks i was still having slight pain up til about 12 weeks. im sure you will be fine and if there is no bleeding this is always a good sign. but i would talk to your doc or mw to make sure good luck. keep us informed! xxx
  • Really interested to read these comments - am nearly 6 wks gone and getting the period pains to as well as what feels like pulled muscle pain occ. Doc wants me back on mon in case its ectopic! Am scared whitless now but sounds like all went ok with you? Any advice? Also had very very slight spotting but nothing too drastic!
  • I had pains and bleeding early on and the hosp was worried it might be ectopic. Apparantly it has to be a pain down one side of your tummy (my pains were right the way across so why they thought it was ectopic is beyond me) it's always worth checking out though as ectopics can be very dangerous for you, if you're worried go straight to casualty! xxx
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