has anyone else read anywher about sleeping on your left, a magazine has mentioned it and so has this website somewhere just cant find it. does anyone know why? just currious really and keep meaning to ask. my baby was on the left and is fully engaged, a few weeks ago i moved my bed and now face the opposite way and baby too has changed to his right.. coincidence? is there a reason ive read that your left is better? xx


  • Hi,

    I have read that sleeping on your left is better because more oxygen gets to the placenta rather than if you were on your right.

    To be honest, I sleep on both sides - I am having trouble sleeping anyway so worrying about which side to sleep is the least of my worries at the minute lol!

    Claire 31+6
  • Yeah, its supposed to be better to sleep on your left due to helping the blood flow. I think its something to do with how your organs lie and lying on your left makes sure you are giving your body as much room for the blood to circulate as you can. I move from my left to right during the night though as I can never get comfy!!

    My lo moves around all the time, some days he is very low and feels like he has his head engaged, other days he is kicking me in the ribs and my bump has moved back up!

    Liz xx 30+5
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