?Implantation bleeding

Wondered if i can ask did anyone get implantation bleeding, how soon after ovulation and how long did it last?
You see have had some pink/brown cm down there since yesterday , not enough to need a pad and only when i wipe. If ovulation tests were right am late 2 days today. But my cycle is regular usually and 27 days but an early ovulation would have made my cycle 24 days this month. Oh one other thing i tested bfn this morning. Thanks for any help.
Filo x


  • Have no idea when I ovulated but I did have bleeding at around 5 weeks after day 1 of my cycle...I already knew I was pregnant then. However, I don't think it was implantation as I continued to bleed on/off for 6 weeks after that! Sorry this doesnt help much. What test did you use? xxx
  • Thanks for reply tigerlily.
    Used a cheapie e bay one but have since found out that hradly anyone has got a bfp on these anyway. Have drs appt today and will ask for a blood test. Filo x
  • Hi Filo,

    I was one of the annoying people to get pregnant straight after coming off the pill so I wasn't monitoring ov and didn't know how long my cycle actually was because I only had a withdrawal bleed. But I had what I assumed to be implantation bleeding about 32 days after first day of withdrawal bleed. I tested negative on day 28 and positive on day 35ish (both using sainsburys tests).

    My bleeding did last for about 2 weeks so may not have actually been implantation (I'm sure it's only supposed to be a couple of days). But I only had a bit of blood when I wiped and some spots on a panty liner at one stage.

    I didn't test when the bleeding started but I'm sure it takes a little while after implanation for a positive to show. Hope your GP appt goes well today.
  • Hi Filo

    I had this and because I was tracking my cycles quite closely I knew it was unusual (regular 28 day cycle). For me it happened at about 6/7dpo and continued for a couple of days (brown CM), then at 10dpo I there was pinkish stain on tissue when wiping (sorry, bit gross!). The reason I knew it was unusual for me is becuase although I have a false start nearly every month with period (light bleeding a couple of days before), it never happens that early. From what I read, it could only have been implantation bleeding at that time/consistency. So I knew it was very promising. It was the same weekend (6/7dpo) that I began to get symptoms - the most obvious being very tired.

    Hope that helps - hope it is your BFP!

  • Hi FiloBabe,
    I had an implantaion bleed with my first baby wen I was 7/8weeks pregnant, they normally say its wen ur period wud have been (or so i got told). N about the BFN my auntie tested -ve for a week after her period was due and then went on to have twins, ur body is a weird thing. Kerry xxx

  • well the witch got me. After leaving drs office visited loo and there she was in full flow. Thanks for the replies girls! Filo x
  • Sorry for ur news, gud luck for next month and a xmas baby. Kerry xxx

  • Hey everyone this is my first post here in the forum so please forgive me if I happen to be in the wrong place.

    I have a question that I would like to put to you all and see what you think.

    I have been on the mini pill for 6 weeks, before that I was on another pill but my Dr took me off it because it was causing me to have awful periods. Since being on this one I havent had a period.

    I had sex on the 26th and 27th April (whilst on the mini pill) I am very good at taking it and therefore took it at the same time every night, however about 8 to 10 days after this I started to feel a little odd, very VERY moody, slightly nauseas, stuffy nose, headaches, bloated, constipated (let me know when you want me to stop lol) so because of this I decided to stop taking the pill last Thursday, then this Monday I had cramping (which is quite normal for me when I do have a period) so I thought "yep here comes the monthly" but then I only had a very slight bit of spotting, dark brown, no need to use anything as there was very little to worry about. But then I had the same again yesterday, cramping slight brown bleed actually more like a discharge then nothing and again today. Now this is most definitely NOT normal for me, in the past when ive stopped my pill either on the combined pill or the mini pill I have had a normal bleed within 3/4 days of stopping.

    So is this a withdrawal bleed which is very different for me or do you think it could be implantation bleeding?? Bearing in mind the bleed started 15 days after having sex.

    I think to be honest im just getting myself worked up over nothing afterall if I didnt have a bleed in the 6 weeks of taking the pill how can I be pregnant? Its just that all the other symptoms that I have had suggest a possible pregnancy. I have read about woman falling pregnant on the mini pill but not many.

    Wishful thinking?????
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