Tummy pains

Hi everybody, just need some advice...

I'm getting pains in my stomach, they are quite high up, sort of between where your bra strap goes and by belly button and seem to radiate down each side of my bump.

I have had them on and off for the last couple of days and put it down to stretching pains but today they are really persistent, I can't touch my tummy as it really hurts and can't seem to find a comfy position at all. I have tried a heat pack, paracetamol and even some Rennies but nothing is helping. (thought it may be some sort of indegestion but I don't think so.

I have felt the baby moving so I am not overly concerned but just wondered if this is normal as I don't want to waste the doctors time if I don't need to. I have just made another peppermint tea and told dh that if it isn't better in an hour I'll call the doctor.
Just wondered if this is normal or not?? I feel quite tearful as I can't get comfy and it hurts!

Any advice???

Thank you everyone.

PS Tried midwife and she is not picking up!


  • Sorry Dappy - I'm not sure either but guess it could well be stretching pains. Would a bath help?
    How many wks are you now?
  • Hi hun how many weeks are you. Im 30 weeks and have a similar prob. My pains are at top of my bump and under my ribs . it feels like ive got an elastic band round my chest. Saw my midwife on thurs she said it was were baby has pushed everything up and giving everything a good kicking. its really bad when i sit down and wakes me up at night. having to potter around to ease the pain which is not much fun as running around after lo whos 18mths in between. My midwife said if it gets to bad to ring delivery suite to get it checked out. hope this helps. laura:\)
  • Thanks girls.
    I'm 22+4.
    I haven't gone to the doctor as I had a bath and mint tea last night and it seems to have helped, they have been on and off all night. I'm sure it is just stretching, (I think I have got bigger over the past few days) but if it is still sore over the next couple of days I'll see a doctor just to make sure.
    lorry - it isjust like you say, at the top and under my ribs and feels really tight and tender.
    Thank you for the reassurance.
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