:o Is it possible to...............

My friend told me yesterday, that on you're second pregnancy that you can actually feel if you are dilated, if your cervix is soft or not and its possible to do a membrane sweep! Has anyone ever done one themselves? I'm not even gonna try it LOL but just wondered if it was true and that you could?

I'd never do it! I'd be too worried of hurting baby!!





  • im not sure babe but i now that with her second my cousin had her hubby do a sweep for her and she went into labour that very night x
  • OMG!! Really...Must admit I am tempted but would worry incase OH pops babys eyeball out or something! X
  • LOL!! You think SB?! God!! My OH can get the baby in but can't seem to get it out!! Having a curry in an hour, had sex this morning, am constantly walking and bouncing on my ball! If this baby doesnt make an appearence by the end of the weekend then I'm gonna leave him alone til 40 weeks!!

    Still tempted to try the sweep though..............no no no! I can't!!
  • my oh tried to give me one but it bloody hurt lol x

    Did it do any good though?
  • i think it can be quite dangerous unless u know what ur doing cuz when i was being induced she midwife touched lo's head and she had to check his heartbeat afterwards cuz she said sometimes it like freaks them out and they panic x


  • id b scared About self sweeping. but i no that sperm is suppose to arouse (kinda thing) the cervix but would you have sex with or without condom, to bring on labour??? worried about infection?

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  • don't mean to sound dumb but...... how ld u reach all the way up there? unless i'm just very unflexy lol



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