pl help!!

hello. im 37 weeks pregnant and all through my pregnancy ive been told its gona b a big baby. ive had 2 extra scans and the babys body is 4weeks over size and the head is at 2 weeks over sizeed. anybody else had this? im worried if i go full term its gona be massive!


  • didn't want to r and r hun.
    All I can offer niece was really big and she was c sectioned.
    Talk to your midwife and tell her your concerns.
    Good luck sweet (ouch!!!) my son was only 6lb so I have no idea what you're going through.
    Take care.x
  • id go see my midwife asap if your worried in anyway and have a scan to predict the weight of your baby and if this worries you more see about a c-section. this is one of my fears as im only a stick and the idea of being in labour for hours and hours to find out hes to big to pop out down there would be horrible. good luck hope everything goes well for you xx
  • I'd take what you've been told with a pinch of salt & try not to worry too much! Apparently scans aren't always as accurate as you might imagine.
    I've had extra scans throughout my pregnancy (for various reasons I won't go into now) & consultant was a bit concerned baby was on the small side. Then midwife decided after measuring my tummy that I was measuring 3 - 4 wks ahead, which resulted in more hospital appointments & yet another scan. I got to the stage I didn't know whether I was coming or going - I'd see one doctor who'd say they were concerned about the size of my tummy, then another who'd say it was nothing to worry about!
    I've got another scan next week, but at the moment they're saying baby is pretty average sized.
    Good luck!
  • I was told yesterday I was going to be giving birth to a whale but that only went by the measurement of my belly so for all they know it will just be excess fluid.

    I wouldn't necassarily believe everything they say hun.

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