Waters have broken!! UPDATED

Well ive had an eventful night/morning! I got up at 1.30am to go to the loo and as i walked to the toilet i realised i was leaking. Pyjama bottoms were wet and but i wasnt sure whether i had wet myself (even tho it didnt smell of pee and i certainly dont make a habit of wetting myself lol!). I went back to bed and told hubby to go back to sleep and id call my mum in the morning and see what she thought but 10mins later i really needed to pee again - same thing happened but this time it was pinky colour when i wiped. I knew now i couldnt leave it til morning so phoned the labour ward and they told me to come in.

Went in about an hour later. babys heartbeat was traced then i had to have an internal (ouch) - this confirmed my waters had indeed gone so they took swabs and blood to check for any infection and ive got to take antibiotics.

They decided as im 36wks today i dont need any steroids but they will wait til 37wks to induce me and in the meantime i have to go in every couple of days to have babys heartbeat traced and blood taken to check for infection. Also got to take my temp every 4 hrs and continue with antibiotics until i go into labour or am induced.

The good thing is altho my cervix was closed she said it looked "ready to go" so she thinks il go into natural labour in the next couple of days. Im feeling pretty uncomfy now tho - some lower back and tummy pain but dont know if this is just because of the internal. Babys moving ok tho and i cannot stop peeing! and of course im leaking all the time too so dont think il be leaving the house til this baby arrives now! Off to hospital at 2pm today to trace babys heartbeat again and then back on Monday for more bloods and another trace.

Sorry for the long post - cant beleive il be having my baby in no more than a weeks time - scary!! And just to think i was only moaning this morning that i wanted baby to hurry!

Anna (36wks) xx


Hey girls

Quick update from me inbetween contractions .....

Yday was a nightmare .... back at hosp at 2pm to monitor baby and hosp were so busy i had to wait til 5pm to be seen - not home til nearly 7pm and pain had gone to about every 10-12mins or so. Still bit irregular tho and didnt help i was stuck lying on bed for over an hr at hosp which is why they got so bad!

Took paracetomol and headed to bed at 9pm and pains eased off (which i was more than happy with as had to get some sleep!) - managed about 6hrs i think and was up at 5.30am as pains were coming often again and too painful to lay in bed. Waters still leaking and had a big show last night.

Pains every 9mins now and last about 40secs - so painful at their peak but know i have a way to go yet. Im meant to go back in at 1pm today to monitor baby again but i cant bear the thought of sitting around in a waiting room again and then being strapped to a bed!! Think i might give them a call and see if i can leave it as if pains progress i will hopefully be back in there tonight or tomorrow anyway.

Hope all you ladies are doing ok and il try and update again later.....

Anna xx (36+1)

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  • Oh Anna, good luck, how exciting! My waters went in the middle of the night too (I'd been having mild contractions all day) and backache started shortly after they went. I went into labour a few hours later.

    Lower back and tummy pain sound very encouraging! You're going to be meeting your bundle really soon. Looking forward to your birth story. What are you up to today to distract yourself?
  • Good luck Anna!
    Can't wait to read your news!
  • Good luck hun -

    10 weeks.
  • wow thats fab.I cant believe they said they will leave u a week though as you are open to infection once your waters have gone.Mine went and i was meant to be induced 3 days later as they said thats the longest they will leave me.Luckily i went into natural labour myself and was under 2 hrs long,woohhooo!! hope u get it so easy too xxxx
  • aww congrats not long to wait



  • Hey ladies

    Well defo getting stong period type ache in lower back and tummy - it comes and goes and also had some pain in lower tummy, slightly to right hand side - quite painful and ad about 4 of those each lasting about 20secs but still not sure of this is start of labour!

    Pink Toothbrush i really dont know what to do with myself. Im abit worried whether il cope if this is the start of labour but at same time am excited. Just had some breakky as i couldnt manage any sleep and then im going to have a shower. Everythings ready for the baby but i might put the sheet in the moses basket and do a few little things and re check my labour bag. Hubbys at work and I kinda wish he was here but i know he has to get some work finished so don want to disturb him until i have to.

    Il keep you all posted!
  • Your nesting when I had my daughter 8 years ago - I cleaned the whole flat I was getting pains etc and then in the evening I just knew had my show and had my dughter 3 hours after going into hospital... its so exciting... good luck honey let us know xx
  • aww congrats hun i hope u have got ure cot and buggy ready lol u need to run up and down the satirs to get things going hehe gud luck hun xxx
  • Oh thats wicked hun! hehe keep me posted! x x
  • So exciting, must be very surreal when things start before your due date! Hopefully you'll be meeting your baby very soon image x
  • congratulations! another feb baby to be born really soon, now send me some vibes to get mine going please

    lots of best wishes and love, chocolate cake (38+3)
  • Fab news - really exciting that you will be meeting your little one soon! Make sure you keep us posted!
    Good luck hun
  • oh wow!! hope mine happens like that - i'm already on the countdown praying he'll be a safe early baby hehe. Good luck hun - keep us posted

    gem 34+3 xxxx
  • Good luck! Keep us posted! xxxx
  • good luck hun. xxx
  • Sounds good image Hopefully you'll have a really easy labour and have your baby with you soon.

    Keep us posted if you can ;\)

  • aww good luck huni i hope u dont have to w8 to long to meet ur lil baby!!
    luv clare


  • good luck, hope your lo doesnt keep you waiting too much longer xx
  • oooooh what an exciting post, im excited for you hun... good luck, cant wait to hear how it goes.

  • Good luck.

    Hope u won't have to wait to long

    15weeks today
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