am i really pregnant

hi ,just wanted to share my last 3 wierd days.only 7 weeks ,but my boobs arnt so sore and having a strange time of actually thinking im not a scan next week for proper dating and to see if things ok as mc in feb.does anyone else have days where u think its not really there or have changed the way u feel in yourself?did have to come home from work today and just slept for 3 hours .and last week kept feeling sickie and not so much now.actually my boobs do hurt a bit but not as this just me being paraniod?x


  • I am 31+6 and there are still days I find I feel more pregnant than others!!! Theres no mistaking the big bump now but at the same time it still sometimes doesn't feel real.

    This is my third pregnancy and I don't think I ever truly believed I was pregnant till I saw my first scan. I never suffered from morning sickness or soreness of boobs so maybe ur going to be fortunate like that too.

    Try to relax and enjoy being pregnant concentrate on the posative
  • i still don't feel pregnant and when i actually forget i'm pregnant and try and do something i shouldn't like lift something heavy or what not my body reminds me image usually with nausea or pain image
  • i didnt know i was pregnant intil i was 2months and through my whole pregnancy even when i was massive i didnt really think of myself as pregnant even though it was obvious lol it didnt hit home till like 2 hours after id given birth that it was all real lol
  • hi ya, even when i was in labour it didnt feel real- that i was actually going to give birth to a real life baby lol and when the mw handed Joshua to me i remember thinking, where did this baby come from! i think its such an amazing thing to happen to you that if you dont have symptoms you start doubting that there is actually a baby growing inside of you! make the most of it cos when he/she starts kicking you in the ribs...then you'll know! good luck with your pregnancy xxx
  • HiMissyTara, I'm 7+3 n feel exactly the same, my slight nausea has gon, n so has the cramps in my stomach n I never really had anyother symptoms. I just feel like I'm saying I'm pregnent wen I'm not. But 2 +ve results cnt be wrong can they? My Dr never actually confirmed my pregnancy he just took the fact that I had 2 +ve results and refered me. I hope I am actually pregnant! k x
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