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HI there ive been to see midwife today (38 weeks today. ) She has booked me in to see a consultant on monday about whether or not i will need a c. section. I have been paying ??64 a week to see a chiropractor to try and strenthen my pelvis and back so that i can deliver naturally but unfortunately the pain is getting worse. I would be scared to be honest if i went into labour now cus i am so week. I just wondered if any of you other s p d sufferers are booked in for c sections. As long as baby is happy i dont care how it comes out but at moment i feel like im going to snap just getting in ands out of car. But i was really looking forward to that excitement of going into labour x


  • Am not due til June anyway and was already going to have a section but as you know only recently diagnosed with SPD.
    I think if you really want a natural birth then give it a go - if the pain gets tooo bad then they could give you an emergency section. Maybe this is something you could ask your consultant. Also, it HAS to be made known to the person delivering your baby that you have SPD because they could damage you more if they dont take the appropriate action. This did happen to a friend of a friend who has been giving me some pretty good advice because she had problems after due to bad care.
  • sorry can i ask what SPD is?
  • have just bumped up a brilliant posting from jemaxox about the condition for your info
  • thanks alot oldermum
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