Hi all

I'm 30+1 weeks now and just lately feeling my knickers are too tight around my lower bump area. Can you buy maternity knickers or should I just buy a cheap pack in a huge size?

I'll only need a few pairs as I do tonnes of washing!



  • hiya joo im 23+1 and i bought cheap knickers in a size 20 (i was 16 pre preg) and they so comfy still a lil big but just as good as my maternity 1s. Gemma xxx
  • Hi Joo

    You can get maternity knickers in Mothercare, 5 pack for a fiver.

    I was the same mine were just too tight across the front. I guess it depends on your shape but for me just buying a bigger size would have been a bit saggy around the bum!

  • Hi
    I bought some maternity ones from mothercare and also a bigger size pack from marks - I'd go with the cheaper pack as you might find you grow even more and need a bigger size again. Try and get low ones though, like the shorts style as these sit better under your bump
  • Knickers to you too!! image

    I also found this but was a while ago so I brought my usual style (the short-y ones) in next size up and they are fab!
  • i noticed my knickers last night were a bit tighter than normal but i reckon i will just stick to cheapy ones. i'd bought some from primark in my usual size and they seem to be a bit bigger than my normal knickers so i think i will be moving into them soon!
  • Hi,

    I brought some maternity one's from mothercare in the end, as i tried a bigger size (20) in the normal ones and found they kept falling down in the wrong places (most annoying) They may be a little more pricey and old fashioned but they go over the bump and have lasted me through the pregnancy. They still fit me now and are comfy.

    Jules 37w+
  • I bought some from mothercare too last week in my normal size and they are so comfy.

    Just need to find some sexier looking bras now as mothercare don't go up to my size 42c now ( have gone up 2 back sizes eek...)

    Sazzle x
  • i've bought all my knickers in m&s 'normal' range just in a bigger size. i'd say they were 'granny' pants as they cover my bump and are super comfy- really cheap too 7 pairs for a ??5

    OH says i look really sexy in my granny pants too honest he does!!!
  • TESCOS 3 pack fot ??5. they are comfy over the bump ones. proper maternity ones
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