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Hi Everyone,
This is just a follow on from Lauragcam's post regarding wedding rings no longer fitting due to swelling. I also had this problem in my last pregnancy, but this time i seemed to have developed sum sort of allergic reaction to my rings. Ive worn these engagement rings for more than 4yrs and they are both 18ct white gold, so not the sort of thing u wud think u cud develop an allergic reaction to. Iv had to stop wearing them because where my rings would normally be it has gon sore, red and scabbed up all the way round. It looks like im wearing a red ring, lol. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and do you think i shud mention it to mw. Kerry xxx


  • Hi Kerry! I haven't experienced a reaction to my rings or anything like that, but I did have to change my washing powder half way through pregnancy cos it started to make me itch! Not sure why really, cos I've always used it. You could mention it to mw - mine didn't really seem that concerned though, but it doesn't harm to say something. Isn't pregnancy strange? Love Rachel XXX
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