nappy changing?

does anyone have any advice on the best equipment for nappy changing?
cot top change mats, or those free standing things with all the compartments below the changing mat for storing stuff, or any other contraption that i've not mentioned....


  • Hi

    I've got a 3 tiered changing station from the Ashton range at Mothercare. I find it really useful, I keep towels and muslins on the bottom shelf, all the nappy bumf on the 2nd shelf and the changing mat and wipes on the top.
    It comes to my waist height so doesn't hurt my back and because everything is kept in one place I know I wont have to leave LO unattended.
  • I've got a wooden dresser with a change area at the top. The top drawer of it is big and i keep it open with everything i need at easy reach. I can rest a top and tail bowl in the open drawer which is handy for pooey changes! Definitely get something with easy access storage as you cant leave lo. x x x
  • The ante natal teacher told me not to get a cot top changer, as she said that the baby's bodily fluids can shoot out/down (!) and you will just end up washing the bedding all the time. All I have bought is a changing mat, and at the moment, I intend to change the baby on the floor on the mat.
  • Nice! I'll give the cot top changer a miss then!
  • dont see the point in the cot top changer... whatever suits u personally, everyone is different. i have put all nappies, wipes etc on a shelf and will have some downstairs in sideboard but have just got a changing mat. ill do it on the floor, sofa or on my lap. as they grow they are gonna empty the shelves and for me its an expense i couldnt justify spending! ill make do and itll work for us!
  • On the floor! baby will soon be too big for those changing stations then they will be in the way and too much clutter! Unless you've got problems kneeling on floor etc, they're a waste of time, money & space!!

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