3 days in hospital!

Hey girls, how is everyone? I've had yet another eventful week, earning myself the longest stay yet in hospital!
My midwife came out on saturday to see me, and i really wasnt feeling too good at all. She called the hospital and i was sent straight over, only to find my BP was 160/107!!! I've been on methyldopa for a few weeks to control it so was really surprised it was that high. I was admitted straight away, had the whole human pin cushion treatment, great fun!
Doctor came to see me on the Sunday and i explained how poorly i'd been feeling, and she decided to change my drugs from methyldopa to labatalol. I can't even begin to tell you how much better i feel! My headache is gone, i don't feel sick or dizzy, my blood pressure is perfect, i feel great! It took a couple of days, and i was kept in for monitoring til my BP came down to normal, but i feel great!!
Blood test results arent tooooo bad, uric acid level is borderline, have to have repeat bloods in a week to see if they've gone up or down, and my ALT and bile acids have increased too, still in normal limits but only just, which is really weird as this is the marker for obstetic cholestasis, and for weeks and weeks i've been itching even though the blood results were coming back really good, and now they're a bit dodgy but i'm not itching at all!! It all stopped a few days ago. Very odd but i'm not complaining!
So now its just a waiting game really. I have to see the consultant again next week, and the week after, and i have a growth scan too to make sure baby is ok, although i'm measuring perfect for dates and she's moving a lot so seems very happy! I think now i just have to wait and see what gets me first, the cholestasis or the pre eclampsia! But for now i'm soooo happy, i feel really well, the hospital are keeping a very close eye on me so i know if things do start to go downhill it'll be picked up very quickly, and best of all i've got to know lots of the midwives and nurses on the labour and ante/post natal wards so feel really comfortable and not at all worried about the labour and care i'll receive after. Gotta love those silver linings! xxxx
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