Have my 20 week scan today !

Hi everybody!

Hope you are all ok.

I have my 20 week scan today. Im so nervous. Didnt sleep much at all last night due to worrying. OH is so excited. We are going to find out the sex hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed that everything ok !!



  • Hi Melissa,

    Ooo how exciting, good luck, I am sure everything will be fine!!
    Do you have a preference on the sex?? xx
  • Hi Melissa B, good luck with ur scan today, Im assuming that ur baby is due in july, if so have u bin on the july forum? Iv started a post for all july mummies to tell me the sex of their babies and we've got quite a list so far (girls are winning at the moment). Wen u find out wat ur lo is just give us a shout and ill add u to the list. Kerry xxx
  • Good luck with your scan hun image
  • Got my 12 week today so anxious as last time ended in mc! Good luck to you let us know how you get on!


  • Good luck MelissaB and Pink button xx


  • goodluck girls and enjoy it xxxxxxxx
  • Hey everybody ! Its a boy ! Could see his little winky clear as day hehe. Everything fine. Lovely to see. Feel so much better now. Yep Kerry he's due in July- add me 2 the list hun xx oh and good luck Pink Button x
  • Congrats Melissa another boy for july yayy the girls are overtaking the boys!! As you can tell I am expecting a boy too!!

  • Big Congrats, ill add ur lil boy on now, wat day are u due? Kerry xxx

  • Im due on the 21st ! I was so convinced it was a girl, its a total suprise its a boy. Better start looking for boys names x
  • Congratulations, see you in the july forum xx


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