how is everyone today?

just wondering how everyone was doing today?image

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  • hi im grand. my oh and i are going away for the night and going out for a meal. cant wait!! only thing is have woken with a headache but hopefully that will clear.

    how are you? at anything nice today?

  • My boobs feel like they are gonna explode and i feel quite queasy but other than that im good! No plans for today just gonna catch up on some tv. Went out last night for a meal with some friends and it was so weird being sober when they were drinking!! However plus point is they spent about ??40/50 and i only spent ??20!!!!!!!

    How are you?
  • Sorry to be so negative ladies but i feel awful! have a terrible cold/fluey thing (my 5th bout of it since becoming pregnant and i'm only 15 weeks!apparantly my immune system has more or less closed for business..) and have dragged myself into work as i'm self employed so no work no pay!

    Guess this is my punishment for not suffering any dreaded morning sickness! After work today i'm looking forward to crawling into bed and watching tv, force feeding myself more fresh fruit..and maybe some chocolate.

    Glad to hear your all ok!
  • mornng ladies.

    Ive been up all night, feel as though im going to split in 2!!!! Contemplating wether to phone hospital or not. :?

    Other than that I am fine, just sitting having a cuppa tea.

    Elle xx
  • Hi ladies
    I'm average today...didn't sleep great, but at the moment am ok!! Think i'll have a siesta later! We're going to look at cars later on too, which i always like doing (bit of a girl racer at heart....well, at least used to be)!!
    Sarah xx
  • Hi All, I am having a good day too! At work till 5pm but then it will be home hopefully to a clean house and tasty tea as my oh is off today! Then its Sunday - day off so gonna cuddle up on the sofa and watch a film - thats if there is no bike racing on!!!!
  • Stressed! Bloody husband set alarm for 1/2 hour before he needed to get up and kept pressing snooze, then he had to put the light on to get dressed, then he set of the burglar alarm and slammed the front door behind him! I have been awake since about six, lo has been awake since 7 (an hour earlier than normal) and has been in a vile mood all morning as a result. However she has just gone to bed for her nap so hopefully she will be in a better mood when she wakes up! Apart from that not bad, bump at least seems in a good mood!
  • Babes, what a stressful time you are having at the moment! Can't be easy for you having all that going on and worrying about your younger brothers/sisters and baby bump!!!! Can't you get your OH to give you some more support. Really feel for you and I am sure that everyone will agree that your post really puts everybody else's little niggles in prospective! Hope u r ok! Tammi
  • absolutely bored stiff. staring at four walls seven days a week. fantastic. soz to be neg
  • oh sugar mamii im so sorry to here what ur going through if its any concelation i had the same thing last year dad left mum she did leathal paraceytamol and booze was abit touch and go got dad arrested major dramas didn't speak for months but im happy to say she has now sorted herself out and is being great at the mo i never though there would be light at the end of the tunnel but there really is babe keep ur chin up babe and if u ever need a chat im here or u can find me on face book if u wish!!
  • hey Nelli, won't feel too guilty for not telling him. Its a very akward position that you mum had you in at the end of the day. Don't want to be personal or upset you anymore than you are but I think its your mum who should be feeling guilty and ashamed of herself, after all she is the adult and should have been thinking about her children throughout all of this, not herself! My OH ex is a bit like her in the fact that she drinks all the time and doesn't care were their daughter is or even if she goes to school! Has even told her not to bother going, as she can't be arsed to drag her fat lazy arse out of bed before luch time as she is normally hung over! Sorry but as you can see there is no love lost between me and her! Don't really understand people who put themselves before their kids!!!! As Joanne said you know where we are if you need to rant about it - know its easy to talk to someone who doesn't know you! I am Tammi Scott on face book in the Edinburgh network by the way.
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