I'm looking into various cotbeds at the moment and really like one from the White Company - which is a white sleigh bed with 2 levels for the mattress for newborn and slightly older babies.

Thing is, it doesn't have drop sides.

Do any of you mums out there actually use the drop sides and can recommend them - or do you think I wont really need them and can go ahead with the fixed side version?

Really appreciate your thoughts - thank you ladies!

Koi x


  • I would say it depends how tall you are and how close together you plan to have your lo's. Millie's cot had fixed sides and I had no problems getting her in untill she was about 18 months old and I was 5 months pregnant. I am 5 foot 8 so I could just about manage getting her in and our but kissing her goodnight was almost impossible! Fortunately she went into a bed shortly after it got difficult but I would have struggled if the gap between babies was any smaller.
  • Ah Bedhead thats exactly the prob I've got with my lo. It's near on impossible getting my 15 month old into her cotbed and then kissing her goodnight as I'm now 36 wks with number 3!! Having said that My first little girl had a cot with a dropside and we never used it much. I think as long as the height adjusts and you don't have you babies too close together (lol) then you should be fine hun. x x x
  • I didn't want a cotbed as I knew that I would want more than one child. I am now pregnant with Number 2 so will move my daughter into a bed in a few months then the baby can go in the cot. I got a bedside cot that I could put right up to the bed with the side down which was great for breastfeeding at night. Once Millie went in her own room we have never put the sides down they are up all the time. You can position the mattress at different heights so it is easier to get them out

    Good luck with your hunt
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