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Pains - have you experienced these?

For the last few days I have been getting shooting pains right up me if you know what I mean :roll:
but just in the last few hours I feel like they are how I can only describe .......from having a poker shoved up (I know...lovely comparison). I know a few people who say they had the shooting pains but is it normal to get worse?? My hubby keeps jumping as I keep swearing but I have no idea what I can do to stop them!!! ARRRGH

(33 + 1 btw)


  • i have this and it kills me i end up doubled over sometimes and it really takes my breathe, i have been told that it is a combination of the cervix thinnning and streching and baby pushing down could be on a nerve or could just be getting in position, mine is getting progressively worse every bloody day i can bealry get out of the car!!

    chloe 37+4
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