pain in my side

Hi im 9+3 tooday and for the past 2 days i have a pain in the right side of my tummy its sharper than a period pain, i thought it could of been a water infection but it doesnt hurt when i pee. The thing is i went to docs 2 weeks ago and she said she would pass it onto the midwife but i havent heard anything yet, i was just wondering what to do. Any advice would be much appriciated.
vikki xx


  • Hi Vikki
    I'm about 9 weeks as well and been havin pains which sound similar to urs. Have got my booking in appointment next week so am goin to ask mw then. Sorry not much help
  • Hi lizzy
    i havent even been contacted by my mw yet,dont have a date for scan or booking in yet. with my last 2 pg i had seen my mw and had date for scans.I didnt have this pain last time.just getting a little bit stressed i think i might ring docs, but would rather talk to mw.
    vikki xx
  • HiVikki try not to worry, it is probably growing pains i had this when i was 9 weeks but also had a little spotting so ent to get checked out it was perfectly normal and i am now 27 weeks. If there is any bleeding you should get it checked out. If it doesnt leave you in a few days then for peace of mind you are probably better getting it checked out also. As for not having a booking appointment yet, i didnt have mine until i was 13 weeks and the baby picture was a little clearer than my friend who had hers at 10 weeks. Good Luck Gems
  • hi,
    sounds like it could be an infection. that happened to me early on as well - the pain in my side, and i didn't have any pain while peeing either so thought it wouldn't be an infection.
    You'd be best getting your urine tested, whether by doc or mw, as you might need antibiotics.
    hope you feel better soon.
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