Alternative cheap changing bag.....

Hi girls...At the weekend I bought my baby changing bag for just ??6 from primark.
Its not a proper changing bag, its one of the oversized handbags that are in the fashion at the moment. Its perfect as has 2 pockets at the side for bottles, a zip pocket inside big enough for baby wipes and the main part is huuuge. Plus its really trendy and chose one that matches my pram.

As most changing bags average around ??20 just thought I'd share my tip and also with the money I saved I bought myself some lovely flip flops, a top, a clutch bag, and some bangles!!!!!

Katie and bambino.x x x


  • i always go in primark.. i had a m.c in jan but i did buy scarcth mittins in ther for 50p
  • Glad to see you bought other essentials Katie - you can never have too many flip flops or bangles! Never mind buying the actual stuff to go in the bag like the wipes, nappies etc etcLOL like your style....

  • LMAO...Didn't even enter my head to buy the bits for the baby to put inside!!!!! What a bad mum I'm gonna be...but a stylish bad mum at that!!!

    Katie.x x x
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