MRSA at work

Hi all, hope you're all well.

I'm 12 weeks and work in a care home and one of the residents has just been diagnosed with mrsa. The home are taking all the nesessary precautions gloves and aprons etc but i'm not sure if i should be going into her room or not with being pregnant? I'm also really worried that i've already been exposed to it as i've been looking after her before she was diagnosed. I have bad eczema on my hands so they're often dry and chapped. Anyone know if its dangerous for pregnant people or if i can be tested?

Many thanks


  • Hi Ricecake,
    One in five people are carryiers of MRSA nowdays. I'm also a carer and during my pregnancy I was only instructed to avoid patients with C.diff or shingles. As you have eczema on your hands you can request a specialist risk assesment to be done.

    Your Midwife should routinely screen you when you finish work and treat you if you come back as positive with antimicrobal skin treatment and nasal ointment. They won't test you before as you could pick it up again and you'll have to be tested again when you finish work. If your baby contracts it they will also be treated in the same way as yourself. Your little one should be fine if they contract MRSA if they are born healthy, but if they are born poorly it can cause problems.

    Good luck. Hope this has helped you.

    BG & Jensen 13+6 x
  • Thanks for the info Blue gecko, thats made me feel alot happier and has put my mind at ease. I was going to do the dreaded google, glad i didnt.
    Will speak to my MW when i have my next appointment. xx
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