Engaged? I'm confused!!

Hi everyone, hope ur all well.

I'm 33 weeks today, and last night I couldnt settle at all, I was up every couple of hours which I expected really as have a really bad cold and awful heartburn (stupid me eating takeaways again!). Anyway I kept needing the loo as well which isn't usual for me - normally I go once in the night or not at all, but last night it was every few hours! So...I woke up...and baby seemed really low down and my stomach was all tight. When I looked at my bump I was shocked cos it was like the top half of it had disappeared!! I kept feeling this 'pushing' pain as well, low down, and it seemed like I was getting contractions (I'm not sure though...was like a period cramp that came in waves...) I was sooo restless & up for ages - really thought I was in premature labour!!! Can't have been though as it has settled now. I guess it could have been the takeaway, but it didn't have any meat in it, and apart from the heartburn I didnt have an upset stomach.

This morning though, my bump is back to normal, and I'm wondering if I imagined the whole thing!!!


  • when my baby engaged my bump completely changed shape you havnt imagined it your lo hmight have turned back round again. you can tell when head is down as you can feel it, sounds crude but you feel like you have something large stuck up you!
  • Ur not imagining it hun, ur baby is just a wriggler. With my first pregnancy each day my bump looked different, one day it wud be so low down u wud have thought the babies head was poking out of the bottom, and other days it was right up high and i cud hardly see over it, ha ha ha. Just another joy of pregnancy and babies trying to get themselves comfy. Kerry xxx
  • LOL!!!!
    Oh dear... It sounded like your aby was engaged????? But now its all back to normal. Thats really strange!!!
  • Oh that's good then, I thought it was very early for him to be engaged already. It was mad last night I could feel his back as well cos my bump was so hard and completely lopsided too!
  • Hi i was the same when pg with leo he was breech at 34 weeks and i was uptown with hubby and my whole tummy went hard felt really strange and then dropped down then i started getting a heavy feeling between my legs and started getting tightenings quite painful i thought i was in premature labour and was in alot of pain so went in the bath which helped but as soon as i got out they started again so rang hospital and they said to go in and they checked me over and the tightenings were still comming so they kept me in just incase but by the morning they had stopped, they said that the baby had turned right round and was head down and it had irratated my uterus that what the tightenings were aswell as some braxton hicks and all settled back down that day. so i dont think you imagined it just take it easy.
    vikki xx
  • my baby is engaged and my bump has really dropped and shrunk!! my midwife says that babys can engage and disengage really easily and it wont be till later on 36 weeks ish that it will stay engaged. my baby used to go up and down loads!! but hopefully shes staying put now!!

    gracie and bump 36 + 2 xxx
  • Hi, my bump dropped at about 32 weeks and baby was engaged from about 34 weeks but I still went 4 days overdue despite everyone saying he would come early!

    Sounds like you may have been having some Braxton hicks last night so don't worry, its a good sign your body is getting ready.

    L x
  • Shows what a baby brain I've got cos when I read the thread title I thought you were confused about whether you were engaged to be married!!! LOL

    The baby can move down to prepare for engagement many times and not actually engage, so this may be what happened. I engaged with my dd at around 34 weeks and just remember feeling even more pressure low down than I did before (always suffer from varicose veins down below!).

  • I'm sure I imagined it now! Lol...I think I kind of know what happened, he might have turned. I remember waking up and my bump feeling so hard & I swear it was his back. I am getting less movement so I think he has turned to face inside properly! xxx
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