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Anyone have an early scan that set them back date wise?

Hi Ladies
I went for a scan today at 7+5 but was told that I was meassuring at just under 6 weeks.
The lady who did the scan was lovely and said that everything looked great for 6 weeks but obviously I was thinking I was nearly 8 weeks not 6 so I am very scared and concerned that something is wrong.
Has anyone had a similar experience and went on to be OK or should I prepare for the worse


  • gc from baby, i had a ealy scan at 6 weeks due to bleeding (i'd mc twice before) and she dated me at 5 weeks, had another scan at nine weeks and was dated at 8 weeks but then when i had my 12 week scan i was dated 2 days different from my original date and i had a healthy baby girl in april , just remember everything is so small that it can be hard to be accurate, your baby may well have a growth spurt and catch up or you could have ovulated a few days later which could easily make a week's differance
  • hi g/c from baby

    i had an emergency scan due to a bad fall at about 7 weeks by edd, howver the sonographer put e back to 4/5 weeks. however when i i then had my 12 weeks scan (by edd, by early scan was only 9 weeks) i was now measuring at just a little further on than the edd said (my original dat) i shld have been 12+1 by the edd, 9weeks by early scan but was actually coming out at 12+3. i had a healthy baby boy in march. sometimes its difficult to measure a baby, especially that early on, cos even half a milimetre can change ur dates considerabley. try not to worry and i'm sure that at ur 12 week scan u'l see lo has caught up. xx
  • i had a good idea my dates wouldnt match up from my LMP, i should have been 10 weeks when i went for my private scan but was acctually 8+3.

    dates can vary from what you think, even if you know exactly when you OVed as implantation can vary and make you futher infront or behind

    i also agree with the prev posters that scans are not that accurate early on

    keeping my fingers crossed all will be fine, its certainly been a bit of a rough ride for you so far, naughty bean!

    34 weeks

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  • Hey honey
    Yeah, I had a scan at 7+6 so thought I was 8 weeks but I was only measuring 6 weeks but we had a heartbeat. I was petrified this meant something was wrong but by my 12 week scan I was measuring exactly right.
    Now i'm 36+5 and my monkey is measuring 40 weeks so please try not to worry!
  • i had a scan and though i was 6+5 but was dated at 5+6 i then had to have another early scan and was backdated again by another 4 days - so in total 10 days from my period date one..

    therefore i really don't know how far along i am -i have my 12 week scan on wednesday and am hoping baby is ok and growing well... it's really hard not to worry i know as i am feeling the same but it seems to be quite common so try not to worry too much.

  • hi i had an early scan and i thought i was 6+5 and it put me at 5+6 with no heart beat so had bloods taken and was told somthing wrong because they didnt double so went back 4 days later and they put me at 6+2 with heart beat then 3 weeks later had one and they put me at 9+6 lol all of my scans varied i also have my 12 week scan on wed im guessing its difficult to be accurate so early on so i wouldnt worry to much xxx
  • Hi I had 2 early scans that both dated me 2 weeks behind what I thought I was. I Was very worried. I had my dating scan yesterday which showed bubs had grown and they put me 1 day ahead of what I guessed I was. Sonographer said its really hit and miss in the first 10 wks and baby can grow alot in a few days. Try not to worry. xxxxx
  • I went for my 12 weeks scan only to be told I was 9 weeks. I think I must of just fallen pregnant at a slightly later date than what I thought I had. I was the quite upset about this same as you. Try not to worry hun all is fine. Are they going to re-scan you again at 12 weeks as this is what they offered to do for me x

    Maz x
  • Thanks for all your reassurance ladies it really has helped to make me feel better. I am still worried and cant wait for my other scan in 2 weeks, my main concern was that they couldnt see anything but a sac and there was no heartbeat but would I be right in thinking that at 6 weeks it might have been too early to see anything? Was anyones scan also like this?
    I constantly feel sick now so I am hoping this is a good sign that things are ok in there
  • hello

    you are most likely to see a HB between 7-8 weeks, so hopefully your next scan will have a pounding HB to see x
  • Hi mrsc!!! I just had my final early scan (before the usual ones) and we had a lovely strong heartbeat!!yay! however, i have been cheated out of a week!! she recons im 7 weeks tomorrow not 8!! image which means another week of being sick!! hubby thinks we should carry on thinking we have the original date until our 3 month scan where it can be confirmed for sure
    Caz xxxx
  • Hi Mrs! I had a scan at 5+2 and the consultant said I must be behind on my dates (the only accurate date is actually ov even though it's all worked out by LMP). I just had a sac - no HB. I was petrified and had to wait 3 weeks for my next scan. By then, I was measuring ahead. Seems there is no real logic!

    K 21+1 x
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