?When to start?

Hi ladies, when are you supposed to start drinking rasberry leaf tea? Ive also heard you are supposed to massage perinium to help prevent tearing, what oil is it you use and when should you start?




  • Hi I have herd that too and want to know when to drink rasberry leaf tea i was also told bouncing on ball to help labour but can we do that at any time or not? xx
  • Hi girls,
    Theres lots of differant conflicting ideas with RLT.
    i started using it at 37 weeks image
    Stopped using it now though becuase it made me feel nauseous.

    And as for bouncing on the ball, i've also been bouncing religiously since 37 weeks.
    Definetly helped the baby start to engage.
    Im due in 2 days so we'll see if it helps induce labour

  • You should massage your perineum from about 36 weeks onwards with any veg based oil. You can get a small bottle of olive oil from boots, it's with all the medecines, if you don't fancy raiding the kitchen cupboard! It can also be used for general massage.I also got some vitamin e skin oil from superdrug which was slightly more expensive but smells nicer x
  • I drank raspberry leaf tea and had the tablets from 37 weeks as advised by my midwife xx
  • You can use olive oil to do the perineal massage, or you can buy specialist creams (which are mainly olive oil) Mothercare sell it for about ??5. They say to start 6 weeks before you are going to give birth (errr, how are you supposed to know!?) but I think anything is better than nothing.

    You shouldn't drink RLT before 36/37 weeks, because it can start contractions.
  • Ooh, Aimz, think I might have to get a ball, then. I'm 37 + 1 with my first and the baby does seem a bit reluctant to engage!

    I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea for a week and am going to start taking a capsule as well. Apparently you should build up the amount you take over time.

    As for perianal massage, you can also use KY jelly or another form of personal lubricant if you don't want to get special oils.
  • I was advised to drink it from 36 weeks and to put a few drops of Clary Sage oil in my bath - as i t apparently softens the cervix and prevents tearing... it's worked for softening (so the MW told me last week) but I'm now 41 weeks so I don't think it makes baby come any quicker!!

    41 weeks 2day image
  • hi, rlt you start at 36weeks. and you can also use almond oil for perenial massage.x
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