I know stretchmark cream isn't meant to work....

...but there was a post on here about a week ago with people recommending different things that did/didn't work - thought I'd try something anyway, to see if i can give nature a helping hand! Any recommendations(can't remember what was on the post)? ( I know someone mentioned the Sancutary one, but I can't remember what it's called)
Thanks x


  • I used Clarins body treatment oil during my 1st pregnancy and never got a single stretch mark, don't if i was just lucky or if oil helped but i am pregnant again and have been using since day i found out.
  • Hi Cat, just bear in mind that if you are gonna get them then you will!!! I have tried bio oil which I know everyone else seems to rav about but it brought me out in a rash right across my bump. I have since being using aquous (sp) cream on the reccommendation of the boots pharmist and so far so good. Aquous cream is basically E45 but a cheaper version and at ??2.19 for a 500g tub from either boots or superdrug its worth a go. You can also use this in your bath which really leaves your skin feeling soft and can be used in place of soap if you have sensitive skin like me.
    Tammi xxx
    27 weeks
  • Hi hon

    I'm a beauty therapist and always recommend Palmers cocoa butter - you can get special stretch mark one. If you are actually getting stretchmarks, then switch to Bio Oil - it is really good and is the only thing that I have found to work.

    I'm lucky because I haven't got many stretchmarks (although this being my 4th child, it may change) and none on my belly!

    As someone else said though, if you're going to get them, you're going to get them! Genes has a lot to play.

  • Hi, I just thought I'd add that I bought the palmers for stetch mark cream. I've had a recation to it come out in a lovely itichy rash - just what I wanted!! I do have really sensitive skin though. I think I'll try some Bio oil and if that causes me problems to then i'll stick to good old fashioned E45 cos I know i can use that. If anyone else has sensitive skin and had found a good stretch mark paroduct please let me know as I am sure to get them. xxx
  • I reckon I will wait till afterwards cause bio oil has worked wonders before. I have a few now which I can see but my partner has not noticed them he says. So I willwait till afterwards. I had the cocoa butter but that never helped.Like Karen said. It genes. If your meant to get it you'll get it.
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