.......when will they start to grow?! Mine are not exactly in Jordans league, and have been looking forward to that particular pg side effect, but no sign yet! They maybe just possibly a bit bigger, but could be wishful thinking! I thought bigger boobs was one of the very first signs? :roll:


  • With both my pregnancys I haven't really noticed much growth untill about 12 weeks. I think it varries quite a lot from person to person though
  • Hi luv i would give it e few more weeks yet they tend to be more noticably bigger by about 12 weeks then get a bit bigger again by about 16 weeks this is what happened to me anyway both times ive been pregnant i was only a B cup first preg and went to a DD back down to a D after and gone from a D cup this time to an F at the mo so it should defo increase them for u lol Sophie 36 wks today xx

  • yeh i think mine was about 16 weeks then every few weeks after that i would notice them grow a little more lol with my other pregnancys they didnt grow till the last few weeks though xx

  • I didn't think mine had grown much until I had them measured in Mothercare at the weekend. I was very surprised to find out I'd grown from a 36B to a 36D. Get yourself measured - you may be surprised too!! xxxx

  • mine grew at 16 week too, but like over night!! i couldn't believe it! i haven't been measured yet i keep thinking they will be the exactly the same size haha, i have one bra that still fits! x
  • hey, noticed mine were bigger at bowt 10 weeks image
  • another question- u know when they measure u, do u keep ur bra on? what if its to small for u and keeping them squashed in? how will they get right measurement?
  • Ok now Im worried. Im 29 weeks pregnant and while mine have filled out a little Im still the same cup size as before pregnancy which as a B is rather crap... should I be concerned about this??
  • no! some people don't grow at all! but after the babies born they will prob get a bit bigger xx
  • I was a 36G before pregnancy (trust me - being in Jordan's league ain't all that great! Can we swap?) and now at 36 weeks I am a 38GG. So I haven't increased all that much, mainly round the back as my bump is so big! I'm pleased as I was dreading increasing by a lot. I know someone who went from a D to a J. xxxxxx

  • Thanx for all the replys, feel a bit more reassured now! lol! Wouldnt really want to be as big as Jordan, but a bit more than Ive got would be nice! :lol:

    I shall try and be patient and wait for them to sprout! image

  • Hi mine hurt which was my first symptom but didn't grow till about 10 weeks but still not as big as jordon but then I was only small before so anythings a bonus!!! xxx
  • Tell me about it! :lol: Am sooo looking forward to having a decent clevage! xx

  • the oh was convinced mine have grown, had 'em measured and gone from a DD to an E... noticed this from 6 weeks ish. they are really painful in the mornings particularly. i need to get a (sexy) sports bra for a bit more support and comfort - any recomendations?


    L xx
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