i felt baby pea with my hand!!!!!!!!!

yesterday i felt her kick so i put my hand there and felt it with my hand!! i thought i may have been imagining it but it has happened 2night around same time as it did last night! and more or less same place!! i def felt it with my hand and was not imagining it this time!!!!!!!!!!! i am 21 weeks on friday!! i must only be able to feel the big kicks!! i always feel her in the morning but it is just like a trappe nerve and cant feel it with my hand. is so exciting lol xxx


  • yey!!!
    its sooo nice wen u start to feel ur baby moving!!
  • That's really exciting!! I'm only 15 weeks-so long till I get to this point-but can't wait!!!
  • its so exciting isnt it!im now at the stge where she almost kicks me out of bed!!lol hanna 34+2 xx
  • aww thats so kul image cant wait til i get to that point - im only 14+1 though lol xxx


  • Heeey that s wonderful!!! We are about the same in dates, i am turning 21 weeks on thursday. But I gotta say, I feel the baby kick rarely, and I am wondering if it is ok .... like I havent felt any since yesterday midday.... I dunno hahaah ... maybe the baby just likes to roll in there and not punch or kick....

    How active are the babies usually? Is it like kick for a few times one time a day or more ... -_-

    I am really glad you have felt yours!
  • i only feel mine at night normally!! bout 10.30pm onwards!! ocassionally i will feel a little kick in the day but cos i am moving and doing stuff u prob dont feel it as much!! is normal to not feel movement regulary. i have to say i went for a wee last night at 2am and then laid on my back and she wouldnt stop kicking!! my whole stomach was jumping and i could fel her clearly with my hand i had to move position in the end! ha now is worrying why my baby is so active so late at night!! my hubby felt her kick last night he couldn't believe it! he was so happy!! i think i must feel her so soon with proper kicks becos i am so small and slim!! it does feel weird though! like somone is pokin me from inside haha xx
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