Muslin squares

I am due in June and its my first baby just want to ask if anyone know the use of muslin squares.How useful are muslim squares, I am told by every "checklist" and website to buy muslim squares. Does anybody actually use them and what do you use them for? How important are they?

Baby girl : Due 22-06-09


  • They are so usefull for about a million things! Mainly burping cloths, wiping up baby sick, using as an inpromptu changing mat, or even covering yourself up while breastfeeding! I am sure other people have found more uses though.

  • Some people also put them under baby's head when asleep in the moses basket/pram/cot so if they are sick, they don't have to change the whole bed in the middle of the night.
    I'm definitely going to be trying out that tip! I bought a large pack of them from Mothercare but have since discovered that Tesco and Asda are much cheaper and just as good. I also know someone who bought a large cut of muslin fabric from the market, cut it up themselves and made their own which worked out really cheap and they're just as good

  • Thank you at list i have an ideal now. What about when buying baby's cloth which size is best to buy .
  • i also wouldnt be without them,ive also got them in there mosses basket and use them when iam burping them and loads of other things too,as for baby clothes i wouldnt buy much of 0-3 months cos they just sleep in sleepsuits all the time,in my first pregnancy loads off pll told me not to get my cloths and i didnt listin and they were right :lol: learnt my lesson this time and not bought much for my girl in 0-3 months

  • They are one of the best things i bought. I use them all the time. When she was first born i popped them under her head on playmat, in pram and in moses basket. Save on washing!! I used them over my shoulder when i was winding. Used them for topping and tailing. I used them to change her on when she was tiny and change mat seemed so cold. Use them out and about to mop up sick etc. Now she likes rubbing her face with one as a comfort thing!!!

    I probably used them more but i cant remember now.
  • you can get them cheaper on ebay. I bought 24 new ones for about ??10, they were very vivid yellow when they arrived but I bleached them (and rinsed and washed them LOADS afterwards) and now they are a creamy white.

    I objected to paying ??1 each (which was the cheapest I found them in any of the shops) when they are all the same! After all, you can get sleep suits cheaper!

    I am such a meanie!

  • I love them too, they have a million uses and I have one in every room, bag etc. I know some people argue they're a waste of money, and I suppose you could just use rags or tear up old sheets or whatever, but they're really nice and soft and absorbent.

    I got mine cheap on eBay too, and they're fine. Think they were from Best4Baby.
  • yep another fan of the old muslin here too!
    we got ours from asda for a few ??
    they are so useful when feeding, catching sick and dribble xxx
  • Funnily enough i bought a pack in asda last night, no idea what they were for until reading this but id read in all the magazines to get them!! Will buy some morenow i think!!!x
  • Me too.Owen isnt a sicky baby either,so we used the muslin squares as blanket,but i now think my son has a comfort blanket as he chews it and everything,lol.

  • My SIS law uses them for everything. Thanks for the ebay tip I have just ordered some xxx
  • Thanks for the replies. I also want to ask if you know how it feels to be in labour for the first time and excellent pain reliefs
  • My lo is 5months now and I still go through about 5muslins a day. He's very sicky. Couldn't be without them. S x
  • never used them at all, not once. Never saw the point when i had plenty of bibs to do the same job (mop up dribble, posseting etc...) and i didnt see the point in paying money for something that i either wouldnt use or didnt need.

    cut up an old sheet and save yourself the money - after all what did people do before someone decided to cash in on the 'muslin' craze... they cut up old sheets! :lol:

  • But Stephe, I find old sheets don't absorb liquid anything like as well as muslins, and bibs aren't big or fold-able enough.

    You're right though, they're not essential (just in my opinion, worth paying for).
  • We've got a lot of muslin cloths, around 20 or so. My sister found them absolutely invaluable with her 2 kids, it was her definite main recommendation.

    We got some from Sainsbury's, M&S and Asda - hands down Asda's feel the nicest (thinking of using them on baby's delicate skin), following by Sainsbury's, then M&S ones. We just grabbed a pack here and there and built up our collection. They turned out to be around ??1 per muslin.

    I washed and ironed them all last weekend and they are ready to go!!!

    Julie xxx
    34w today!
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