Hernia repaired with mesh and pregnancy

I had an umbilical hernia in 2005 which was repaired with mesh. My husband and I are now trying for our first child and Im concerned about what effect this will have on my pregnancy.
I can only imagine that as my belly grows and as the mesh does not stretch it could cause problems.

The incision and mesh are about 3cm above my belly button.

Has anyone had this before?

Any advice appreciated.


  • Thanks Kelly. I have an appointment next week!
  • hi, sorry to butt in but i think i have a hernia i have a lump right where my belly button is. i have just had my 4th child and it only appeared when i was pregnant with my 3rd it really hurt at times but after i had my 3rd child it went but then came back with my 4th pregnancy.
    it did still hurt but not as much as before but now i've had my baby the lump is still there but not painful. i havn't been to the docs yet so i don't really know what it is, but i'm sure it's a hernia!!
    just thought i'd let you know about my experiences and was hoping you could maybe give me some advice too.

    thanks michelle xxx
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