this is my first baby........

is there anything i should know that others or midwives won't tell me?? about the labour or the after birth or anything really!!

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  • It is really scary doing a piss or poo after youve had babe regardless of method of delivery. When you do finally feel up to having sex after birth it is like losing your virginity all over again. If you have a normal birth you might poo yourself but midwifes are really good at sorting it out so you dont notice. In labour you find out you know more swear words than you thought. You realise that you can exist on 2 hours sleep over 7 days, you get a new found respect for your mother.

    But mostly you will have never realised that your heart could love something so much that it hurts, you also realise that you love your husband more than you though but that he will forever be second best to the tiny buddle that has captured your heart, soul and mind forever xxDBxx

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  • yeh ur right doublebubble i can't imagine how much i will love millie! i already love her soooooo much!! and shes not even here yet!! will be funny for my hubby to hear me swear as i hardly ever do! lol. yeh i've heard about u might poo thing! hope i dont but i guess u dont care at the time! not sure what my hubby will think!! i'm sure he wont care either!
  • According to someone I spoke to recently, when you go for a wee after the birth it is the longest one you'll ever do!! She said she was so freaked out how long it was she almost pressed the emergency button by the loo! Said she spoke to some friends afterwards and they said oh yeah it happens to everyone! So she told me just so I wouldn't be scared

  • oh thanks never heard of that one!!! i'll remember that!
  • Hi Jane, I had my first lo at the beginning of Jan this year so still very fresh in my mind! I can honestly say that although labour was painful it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't have any pain relief, not even gas and air, I used breathing techniques I learnt from reading up on hypnobirthing which really really helped. I also had accupuncture which helped as it stopped the sickness I started feeling.
    Best advice I can give is not to get too worried or listen to horror stories. Everyone is different and you won't know what it is going to be like for you until you are going through it.

    I didn't have the pee thing that Tiger Lily mentioned, although the first number 2 is always a bit scary as obviously you will be a bit bruised and sore down below!
    I was surprised how much I bled after the birth, but it does slow down very quickly if this happens to you.
    As for nooky after the birth I think everyone is different, as long as you wait until you feel ready again and that everything is healed up then you will be fine.

    Also trust your body, remember having a baby is a very natural thing and your body knows what it is doing.
    Finally, whatever happens as soon as you hold your lo in your arms it is all totally worth it, and you will be amazed at what you have created.

    Good luck, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx
  • thanks lizB thats great advice!! xx
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