Non wired bras

Hi everyone

Was just wonderin if ne one knows where to get padded non wired bras cos i've got non padded ones from asda which r a bit prettier than most i've seen, but like the shape that a padded bra gives


Lizzy xxx


  • I think you can get padded (or at least moulded) non-wired bras in Mothercare. However you could just buy a cheap padded bra and take the wires out if you can't find any.

    I have big boobs and went to bravissimo to get measured again the other day, apparently it is fine to wear wires as long as u get the right back size so they won't dig in, and as long as the bra fits well. I intend to do this as I couldnt go without wires lol.

    Philippa, 24+5 x x x
  • That's a good idea takin the wires out never thought of that! Will try mothercare as well. I keep readin different things in different places and seein as my boobs aren't massive think i'll go wiv non wired.

    Thanks for the advice

    Lizzy xxx
  • I read that it can affect the tissue in the breasts and also the development of the milk ducts, think i read it on a post on here sumwhere, but can't remember where

  • It's not gatecrashin!! that's y i love this site cos i've found out loads of stuff i wouldn't have known otherwise

  • Yeah the cold is another thing that's botherin me bout non padded bras!

  • hey, i believe what lizy says is true. I've read it else where. Im on the small end of the scale being a 34d at the mo and find sports bras are really supportive they are as comfortable as my wired padded bras I was wearing before I found out that I was pregnant. they give you a nice round look like padded bras, whereas when I tried on a normal bra with no padding I felt they didnt give me a natural look. I brought one from house of fraser where I got fitted. The lady whon measured me recommended sports bra as that was what she found comfortable. im not bothered about looking sexy as they just go under my clothes! I hadnt really thouoght about taking the wires out that is a good point. Although in personally believe the sports bra will provide me with more support.

    I have heard also that so long as you have then right size it is ok to wear non wired bras. although I guess you will need to be measured regularly as you breasts are always changing. I've opted for the non wired as this is my first and hubby doesnt want me to get saggy breasts! He might not have any choice! xxx
  • hiya all,
    i went to mothercare the other day to be told that the wired bra that i had on was a wrong sort of bra as wired bras can damage the tissue in your boobs and can cause breast cancer in later life. I was sayin to my bf that im not wearing them non wired support bras as there horrible but to be honest they are so much comfortable and no pain given and there not cheap either, but they do the job.
    thanx for readin all.
    kayleigh x
  • Thanks hoping mine dont!
    I didnt want to take any risks and like kayliegh I was suprised how non wired bras can actually be comfortable. x)
  • I went to get fitted the other day and tried on some of the non wired bras - oh my god, I cannot wear these big granny bras!! Everything else is getting bigger and losing shape, if all I can have is some nice underwear then I'm gonna continue to be padded and underwired!! And also, my sister didn't know and wore underwired right up till the day she went in for her section, and she breastfed without problems for a year. So, whatever is comfy, I don't think can be doing me any harm. Don't you think if we listened to ALL the advice we would be scared to go out the front door!! In fact , that might be an interesting new thread. xx
  • Yeah, mummym, I am the same. Underwire has to be the best invention ever for bigger boobed ladies. My mum wore underwire through both pregnancies, she did bottle feed both me & my sis, but has had no probs. x
  • Had to buy two more new bra yesterday, my OH wasn't impressed , he told me they looked like granny bras!
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