My best friend

On another good note my bf would had been ttc for three years and has just has her second round of IVF got her BFP!!!! I am soooo pleased for her. She had a small amount of pink cm but that was only for thursday morning and not anything since image I could not be happier for her.

K xx


  • i was wondering about your friend over the weekend as i saw your post last week. The pink CM but have been implantation.

    I wish your friend happy and healthy 9 months... congrats to them xxxx
  • Thanks hun I am soooo over the moon for her , I felt like I was getting my BFP all over again she deserves it more than anybody I know image

    K xx

  • how lovely, you and your best friend are pregnant together!!!!

    My best friend is trying atm and would love her to get her BFP and we could go through it together! xx
  • So pleased for you best friend especially after all she has been through. One of my best friends announced she is pregnant only 4 weeks and I was screaming inside so am I!!! Hubby is insistant we wait until 12weeks before telling our friends. I did tell our parents this week as I have been so ill and they know something was up! They were delighted.
  • I know I am so pleased we get to go through this together.

    OH hun that must have been hard I was rubbish I told my really close friends as I thought if the worse was to happen I would need them more than ever you know. .

    K xx

  • Oh K-Lou - that's fab news - I was wondering how she was getting on, I know you were worried last week. That's really really fantastic news !!!!

    K xxx
  • I so know what you mean, my hubby does not understand that. He just wants to parade round with a scan photo at 12 weeks after the danger zone as he calls it. My girl friends are going to be so shocked I kept a secret for so long, I am the biggest gossip usually!
  • I was, I was sooo worried about her. I cried when she told me bless her she would make such a wonderful mummy as well image

    K xx

  • Oh wow thats fantastic news hope she has a healthy 9 months of joy.

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