4D scans!!! Do they take away the special moment of seeing y

our baby for the first time at birth???
From what I have seen you can see the baby as you would at birth near enough.
What are peoples views on this matter.

After reading the replys I can understand having it to keep as an amazing view of your baby for years to come.
I personal still feel that I only want to see my baby as it comes into the world.
I say it like thus as the pictures of the 4d scans are amazing as they show the baby as it would look outside the womb.
Maybe I will feel differently with my next pregnancy.

Congratulations to everyone and I wish you all the best for the future.

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  • i had my 4d scan at 27 weeks and it was fantastic, it really helped me and my partner to bond and feel closer to this baby before the birth,i dont think that it will change the special moment when you see your baby at birth, even tho i have seen what my baby looks like, im sure he will look diffrent to me when hes born cause hes had time to lay down fat ext.


  • I was unsure at the beginning of pregnancy but now i can feel little one move im desperate to see as is oh. I dont think anything can take away the special moment at birth i think it helps you bond

    booking mine soon, i think if the techonogly is there use it!
    Laura (19+1) xx
  • I don't know coz I haven't had mine yet but I doubt it. I had my 4d scan at 28 weeks and I'm now 32 and really really wish I could have another one. I miss seeing my little girl so much - it was a magical experience and I can't wait til she's her and would love to see her again in the meantime! xxx
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