tic tacs!!!

I seem to have a big obsession with tic tacs!!! I can't get enough of them at the mo! Has anyone else had weird cravings??xxx


  • yeah i had a craving for kfc chicken gravy?????
  • Yesterday i work up and really fancied some coffee cake. So went shopping for groceries and thought i had flour etc at home but when i got back i didnt! Went out again for flour, sugar and icing sugar and an hour or so later had a very yummy coffee cake with lots of coffee butter icing and walnuts on top!! Might have been easier just to go and buy one after two trips to the shops!

    A whole coffee cake for just hubby and me - what pigs!!

  • Ive had sweet cravings, for things like starburst, fruit pastels and foxes glacier mints. Really strange coz last time it crave savoury things lots of crisps and cheese and crackers. Kerry xxx
  • Cheesy wotsits!!! Can't get enough of them! xxx
  • hmmm tough one celery with chocolate icing was nice lol had lots of wierd ones at the beginning but no so much now.
  • the long referesher chewy bars and maom sweets! and last week i really fancied fruit cake xx
  • at the moment for me it's ice fruit lolly's. I've had about 14 since yesterday! I've even placed a box in the work fridge then i have a box in the fridge at home. It's the only thing which is helpig curb my nausea.
  • Hi, for me it's all about the pickled onions - I'm a joy to be around apperently, lol!
  • Ice cream! and strawberry Ribenna... Mmmm...
  • not unusual but coke a cola! love it so much,even tho its so bad,full of caffine and gives me heartburn!!
  • hi i feel so left out!! i havent had any cravings this time or last time!!


  • Ive craved ice lollies and refresher bars (eating one now!!) and all sweet crunchy things as well as the tic-tacs!
    Last time, when I was pregnant with my little girl I craved savoury things like salt and vinegar crisps and watsits so maybe this ones a boy and there is a link between sweet/savoury cravings and boys/girls???xxx
  • sliced up pears with a piece of nice strong cheese! mmmm... lovely! x
  • Last time I would have done anything for salt and vinger crisps and I had a little girl. This time I am only 6 weeks and so far I've had no cravings but for some strange reason I bought tic tacs today and I dont know why.......strange
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