This is getting stupid!!!

My office is sooooooo cold today. Its surely illegal we are here, I swear its under the minimum legal temp allowed!

The boiler broke and its been fixed so should apparantely start heating up soon! yeah right - on 2 Jan it was the same and it got turned on at 7.30am and we were told it wouldn't warm up until 2-3pm. So it'll never heat up before home time!!!

My toes are like ice-cubes and I am just sooooo cold!!! image

Joo xxxx


  • my other half is the same were he works, they either do not put it on or they put it on late in the day so it only starts to warm as they are leaving. i can tell you he is not happy!
    is their a law do you know?
  • Yes, I think legally it has to be above 13 degrees, or 16 degrees. Not sure exactly, but there is a definite legal minimum temperature. Only a few people were in the building on 2 Jan and it was freezing. We were all told to go home!

  • We have had that- 16 degrees is the lowest you can have it x
  • Law states it has to be at least 16 degress unless work includes severe physical effort at which point it drops to 13 degrees


  • Oh hun I hate being cold, my office is like that as well sometimes I can't type my fingers are so cold. I am sat here now with my scarf still on.

    I hope it warms up soon for you

    K xx
  • Can you get a little blow heater to warm your feet up? I work in a very cold building which has 2 radiators but can still never warm the room up properly, so my work bought me a little heater which I have under the desk....lovely toastie toes!

  • get urself a thermometer love and if its below 16 degrees walk out! and then get ur union on to it!xx
  • Get your thermometer out, Joo - and coordinate a mass exodus if it's below 16 deg! :lol:
  • Haha upsy_daisy - jinx!
  • I should have brought in Angus's gro-bag egg thermomenter (sp?)!!!

  • We have the same problem here, I sit by a window and although the window doesnt open it reflects the air from the air conditioning back onto me and I freeze !! I've got a thermometer so I can moan when it gets too low, we're at 23 degrees right now which is colder than usual but luckily i'm going thru the pregnancy "have my own central heating system" stage so i'm ok.

    MrsW 28+4
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